Testimonials - 2017



"I would recommend Rachel's Driving School to anyone. I was very nervous and Rachel was very patient with me and helped me gain confidence quickly. She is a fun but firm teacher and she believed in me even, though I doubted myself. I cannot thank Rachel enough for helping me to get a first time pass. Xx."

Kerrie-Dawn Ferris



"Considering the first time I got behind the wheel I was so nervous I nearly cried, I am beyond happy to have passed! If it wasn't for her encouragement and help, I would have given up. Thank you so much for getting me here Rachel. I'm relieved that I don't need to catch two buses to work anymore! Xx."

Abigail Aris



"I would fully recommend Rachel to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Her relaxed and friendly personality put me at ease from my very first lesson, and I knew at that point she was the right driving instructor for me. I passed 1st time and will always be very grateful to Rachel. Thank you."

Rachel Wellings



"I would recommend Rachel to anyone. She has pushed my driving abilities far past what I though I was capable of, and never stopped encouraging me. Her lessons were engaging and gave me a whole new perspective on how to be a good driver, teaching me valuable techniques and behaviours that I will always consider when I'm on the road in the future."

Sam Showler



"I want to thank Rachel for being an amazing, patient driving instructor. Lessons with Rachel are great, as she makes you feel at ease and she talks to you throughout your lessons. I honestly could not have passed without Rachel. I would strongly recommend you to choose Rachel as your driving instructor."

Nafisa Iltaf



"I would recommend Rachel to everyone if I could. After having lessons with lots of drivers, she was definitely the best. She made me feel at ease, she pushed me, and I passed my test with only 2 minors! When I thought I wasn't getting anywhere, she showed me I was. A massive THANK YOU xxx."

Cassie Strickland



"Excellent Instructor. Fun to work with but very professional when required. Well maintained and clean cars. Respects schedule and explains more if you have any questions. Very pleased with her and would recommend to everyone."

Nicu-Ionut Pislaru-Verdes



"Rachel has got Mylles through his driving test today. She took over from a competitor driving school at short notice and built his confidence up to get him a pass in the test. A big thank yo to Rachel and her school."

Mylles Bandaranaike's Father



"I would just like to say a massive thank you to Rachel for helping me pass my test first time! Rachel made me feel at ease, which helped me be more confident whilst driving. I definitely couldn't have done it without her help, and I will definitely be recommending her to friends and family! Thanks again! xx"

Chloe Sharpe



"Really Happy to have passed my driving test today with Rachel sat in the back. Enjoyed all of my lessons and Rachel was a great instructor, not afraid to tell you when you're wrong! I wish Rachel all the best in the future and will be recommending her to my friends."

Jake Showler



"Had an amazing time with Rachel & passed within 4 months of starting lessons with her. She is an amazing teacher and utilises her experience and techniques in practice. She motivates you and encourages you to think twice before doing anything. Her phrases stay in your head: "Engage your brain" & it actually works!! All the best for the future with your pupils xxx"

Aiqah Sadiq



"After 7 years of learning to drive, on and off, and 7 different instructors, it was safe to say I had little confidence in my driving ability. After beginning with Rachel, who came to my rescue after being let down by another instructor at the last minute, my confidence and self-belief instantly grew. She helped me to understand how to correct manoeuvres and minimise bad habits I'd picked up previously. The biggest thing for me though, is that for the first time (after nearly 80 hours of lessons) I began to enjoy my lessons and driving. Today, after 8 lessons with Rachel, I passed my driving test with only 1 minor, an achievement which seemed impossible 2 months ago. I can't thank Rachel enough and would recommend her driving tuition!. Thank you again!!!"

Kayley May Snell



"Had the best time learning to drive with this instructor :) . Amazingly lovely person that makes you feel comfortable, explaining things simply. Very straightforward and easy going. Gives you advice and criticism when needed. Wouldn't have wanted a different tutor! Thank you Rachel!!! ;) ."

Gintare Bendikaite



"Hi Rachel, I had a really good time learning with you. I was never really confident with driving, but I have not only developed my skills, but grown in confidence as well. Since passing, I feel like I have a lot more freedom, and would like to say a massive thank you, despite all my driving ups & downs."

Luke Barnes



"Rachel is friendly and approachable. I felt instantly confident due to her calm teaching style. I had lots of fun learning to drive, and passed my test first time."

Madeline Valentine



"Rachel was really supportive and focused on what I needed to improve on, rather than the same repetitive stuff. I would strongly recommend her services. Although I had taken lessons before, I passed within a dozen hours or so, in 5 weeks."

James Huddle



"Thankyou so much for being such a great instructor. You've been great & you always made me feel so at ease, which I think, is something that had helped me massively!!!!"

Megan Pettersson



"I passed my test today with Rachel's Driver Training. I started off knowing nothing and she got me to a good standard to pass in no time at all. It was not stressful and she talks to you, which eases the nerves as well! She is open to any questions you want to ask. I got feedback from everything, which helped me to improve. Rachel is a very nice person and really wants you to pass! She owns the Munchbox van outside the test centre so if you want any food she's the person to do your lessons with. I highly recommend Rachel's Driver Training. "

Jake Bellamy



"After a bad experience with a previous instructor, I was left with no confidence, and no desire to be behind the wheel again, but finding Rachel was the best decision, by far. She made me feel comfortable, as well as making me believe in my own ability to drive. Her teaching skills are relaxed and effective. If it wasn't for Rachel, I never would have been able to pass first time. I highly recommend Rachel's Driver Training to anyone. 10/10."

Naomi Honour



"Hi Rachel, just wanted to thank you for teaching Jacob to drive. We were all over the moon when he passed. Jacob enjoyed the lessons and found your teaching style worked for him. We also found your support with the theory test was very helpful. We would definitely recommend you. Thank you very much. Jacob and Mum xx."

Jacob Holdsworth