Testimonials - 2016



"I would like to thank Rachel for all her hard work. Fantastic instructor and would recommend to all x."

Caroline Hagon



"Rachel is a perfect driving instructor. Without her help, I would not have been able to pass my practical test. She made me feel very confident, and she supported me a lot. I would like to recommend her for everyone!"

Ludmilla Cvetkova



"Rachel is a fantastic driving instructor. She really put me at ease. I went with Rachel after 30+ hours in a manual and just couldn't get on with it, so I was recommended Rachel for automatic, and it's the best thing I did. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed. She taught me in a way that worked for me, and I would recommend her every time."

Catherine Godwin



"Patient beyond anyone's belief. Friendly and with the ability to still make driving enjoyable rather than rigid and overly structured with her teaching style. Finally got me to pass after several instructors. If I'm not living proof she can teach the hardest, I don't know what is!"

Matt Wagstaff



"Brilliant instructor. Very patient and direct with instructions. Would use again 10/10. Recommended for all."

Nathan Shinn



"Thank you so much for helping me pass my test. Couldn't have done it without you!! Most supportive and friendly instructor going!!"

Roisin Brivio-Stone



"I can truly say that my driving test success was thanks to Rachel. She simplified everything and had full confidence in my ability, which gave me a boost too. Couldn't have found a nicer instructor. Thank you so much. X"

Charlotte Abbas



"Thanks to Rachel's patience and tuition, I happily passed the practical first time!"



Debbie Woods



"Rachel is truly a great instructor. She is strict, sociable, good at explaining things, keeping them simple and understandable to everybody. Enjoyed every lesson with you and would definitely recommend you to all my friends."

Robertas Ziogelis



"Great teacher. Very helpful and calm. Got me through my test first time with only 2 minors."

Ashley Hill



"I am so excited as I have passed my driving test with only 5 minors from the first time. I have Rachel to thank for this, she believed in me, pushed me to the limit, always wanted me to drive better, not accepting any errors. She made me fear the driving test as she always wanted me to give 100%. Thanks to her, the test seemed surprisingly easy! I could not have done it without her! Thank you Rachel!"

Iulian Patilea



"Great instructor, helps you through and through. Well worth the money and supports you all the way to the big finish. Thank you Rachel, couldn't have done it without you."

Michael Woods



"Rachel is a great driving instructor. Would highly recommend her to anyone who's wanting to start driving lessons. Very friendly and comfortable to be around. Made me very confident and not so nervous. Even through my blonde moments she helped me a lot, so thank you :) X"

Shannon Mouatt



"I'd highly recommend Rachel as a driving instructor! She is very friendly, experienced, and manages to hold conversations throughout the lessons, so there's never a dull moment. She gave me the skills I needed to pass with flying colours! Thank you and best of luck!"

Stuart Williamson



"Rachel has been a great driving instructor, She has been reliable as well as flexible with my regular lessons and allowed me to progress at my own pace when learning."

Kyle Widnall



"Rachel was an excellent driving instructor. I'd been driving for quite a while, just on the other side of the road in America, so I was worried about being treated like a total beginner, like I've had with previous instructors, but Rachel understood what I needed to know and taught me how to drive so I was test-worthy, fixing old bad habits I'd picked up. She explained exactly how test day would go and really put my mind at ease. I was barely even nervous on the test, and I passed first time! I would absolutely recommend Rachel to anyone looking for a good driving instructor."

Sarah Henson



"Friendly face with lots of patience, which gave the confidence to pass xx"

Ellie Cotterill



"Rachel has helped me along the way and has always taught me right and wrong! She's very helpful & great at advice, and the what to do & what not to do! Very trustful and never gone back on her word! I definitely recommend her to anyone and I hope she has many more passes like I have today :) "

Connor Shinn



"Thankyou, I could never have done it without your help& support! Thankyou so much!!"

Sophie Gore



"What can I say?! When I met Rachel Arling I was a 42 year old, nervous wreck with a complete fear of driving. Rachel's friendly, calm approach, not only enabled me to get past my fears but to also pass my driving test! I would recommend Rachel (and have already done so) to anyone learning to drive. One in a million."

Debbie MacMillan