Our Success Stories - 2019


Zainys Ahmed

Congratulations Zainys, on a well deserved 1st time pass. You've been a pleasure to teach. Drive safe out there.

28th Febuary 2019



Paul Roberts

Congratulations Paul, on a well deserved pass. Knew you could do it.

29th January 2019



Amy Johnson

Congratulations Amy, on a well earned pass. Knew you could do it, just watch out for those road signs and lane markings.

25th January 2019



Callum McDonald

Congratulations Callum, on a well deserved pass. Drive safe.

16th January 2019



Milly Manton

Congratulations Milly, on a fantastic 1st time pass with only 1 minor. Remember green means go, and drive safely out there.

9th January 2019