Our Success Stories - 2016



Caroline Hagon

Well done Caroline. Finally got the piece of paper you'd given up hope of ever getting!!! Fantastic end to 2016.

30th December 2016


Ludmilla Cvetkova

Well done Ludmilla, on a well deserved pass. Safe driving.

10th December 2016


Catherine Godwin

Well done Catherine, on a fantastic 1st time pass with only 1 driver fault!

30th November 2016



Matt Wagstaff

Well done Matt, on your pass today. We got there in the end!!

9th November 2016



Nathan Shinn

Well done Nathan on a fantastic 1st time pass. Knew you could do it. Have a bit more faith in yourself!!!.

28th October 2016



Roisin Brivio-Stone

Well done Roisin on a fantastic 1st time pass. Drive safe.

3rd October 2016



Charlotte Abbas

Well done Charlotte. Well deserved pass after a 17 year break. Drive the tank safely please!!

29th September 2016



Shane Kemp

Well done Shane, on a fantastic 1st time pass after all the dramas. Drive safe.

27th September 2016



Tyler Widnall

Well done Tyler, about time!!!! Enjoy Uni.

21st September 2016



Debbie Woods

Congratulations Debbie on a fantastic 1st time pass. Safe driving.

20th September 2016



Ashley Hill

Well done Ashley on your 1st time pass. Drive safe.

15th September 2016



Robertas Ziogelis

Well done Rob on passing your test today, despite the foggy conditions. Stay safe.

15th September 2016



Iulian Patilea

Well done Iulian on a fantastic 1st time pass.

31st August 2016


Michael Woods

Well done Michael. Drive safe.

23rd August 2016


Jack Needham

Well done Jack on a fantastic 1st time pass following your intensive course. Just goes to show what you can do when you try!!!

15th July 2016


Shannon Mouatt

Well done Shannon, drive safe and keep the doughnut moments to a minimum.

1st July 2016


Stuart Williamson

Well done Stuart, look after it this time and drive safe with little man.

8th June 2016


Kyle Widnall

Well done Kyle, now you can concentrate on your A levels.

27th May 2016


Ellie Cotterill.

Congratulations Ellie on a well deserved pass after all the hiccups!

19th May 2016


Sarah Henson.

Well done Sarah, drive safe !!

18th May 2016


Connor Shinn.

Well done Connor, about time. Save the crashing for the track!!

17th May 2016


Sophie Gore.

A well deserved pass!

13th May 2016


Natalja Ivancenko.

1st time pass!

5th May 2016